The Power of the Reinforcer


Did you listen to Sex Toy – Relinquish All Control?

This audio has been very popular, of which, I am very glad. The whole idea really is to use you as I feel fit. If not for a sex toy, then an obedient slut. The problem I feel with some audio sessions is that there is no actual follow up. This includes trigger reinforcers. So I am ensuring through this blog and other media portals that reinforcer’s and follow ups are included. (more…)

The Subject of BDSM

The other day it occurred to me, as it has many times, just what a big subject BDSM is.

It is one of those genres you realize that the more you know, the more you don’t know.

Now, I know that a certain film came out, and it was certainly a blockbuster, and we all know what that film was, right! Then suddenly there were hundreds of people interested in bondage. Are they really interested in bondage?

I’ve learned over a period of years that some like it now and then, and other like it a lot more than just now and then! On top of this media rarely depicts bondage very well. All media has a market, and the bigger markets are pointed towards male dominants and female submissives. They also use a lot of ‘sex’ to grab attention.

BDSM is really much more than sex. It is a deep psychological trip that can be very addictive. It is very much a mind thing, which is why I also enjoy hypnosis.

To me, BDSM is like a zillion layers and layers within layers. It is so hard to know what you need and it might be even harder to speak up and talk about what you don’t like, or don’t want.

Always remember:

There can never be a dominant without a submissive. It is really a symbiotic relationship, and this is the beauty of getting to know your dominant, whoever she or he is. By way of this relationship, you can discover yourself.

Only then you can speak up. It is an experience.

The only way to have a really mind blowing experience is to speak up. Once you feel comfortable of course.

Trust me; I have also evolved over the years. The thing that keeps it all fresh is that every individual is different. It’s difficult to write down the many experiences and pleasures different aspects of BDSM can bring home to one. It’s also hard to list all my own fetishes and pleasures because they are just so much more than what they appear to be.

I love entrancement, amongst other things, and suddenly I love other things about entrancement. The hypnotic effect of movement, sound, and image. I don’t have the best camera and equipment but I do have a passion for the artier side of things, rather than the obvious. For me, even my entrancement ideas have changed and evolved.

So this I will be exploring more.

If you really want to experience more, whether it is your fetish, and just a fetish, or your title as submissive or slave, then delve into that with your Dominant. That takes a little time and trust. These are just thoughts. If you want to have very real experiences some form of commitment to this idea is paramount. If you want to feel at least a little fulfilled then some homework and groundwork is required. Even if you want to expand on your fetish and nothing else.

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Love Goddess Lea

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