My feet! Oh, what bliss. Join Me on My other page specially set up for My foot worshippers. Male or female.


Don’t forget to gift and tribute My feet. You will crave to worship all of My body no matter which part.

 Whether you are a foot fetishist or a quivering slave, you will find release there. However, I DO expect, gifts and tributes directly to My feet. My Amazon wishlist is there for your pleasure. Do not forget to THANK Me for the privilege of spoiling My feet.

img_3262-1You might even be lucky enough to enjoy photographs with the items you send. Depending on the value.

I prefer AGCs, it is about pleasing ME. Send to brandyjones45@outlook.com

Foot fetishes and turn-ons for Me are: Giantess POV. Wrinkled soles and shoes. In that order.

I am more into bare soles than shoes. I love stockings on my feet, I love dirty mud on my soles. Just so that you can lick them clean. I prefer sensible shoes and love shoes as gifts, I am not into spindly shoes I am a true dominant. I do not often wear stilettos that to me is pandering to you, which will NEVER happen. I love sandals, flip-flops, trainers, and boots. I will for My own pleasure on occasion where heels. Just to tease you and then, of course, deny you.

img_2090I love crushing objects and food, NOT, insects or living things. So BE MINDFUL of even mentioning that in My presence. You will be blocked immediately.

My feet are also cuckold. You can suck them, and lick the dirt off them, while I get off with a real man.

You are not even worthy of that.

You know that and that is why you are here.