I know how excited you get when you are in the ‘zone’. I get excited too. I know that at any moment you are going to want to be there again, aroused and sweating, in the zone.  I am not a princess, I am a Queen. Highly intelligent, intellectual, well spoken and sophisticated. I have NO desire to ruin you (why on earth would I do that, that would be a lose-lose situation?), instead, I want you to be more successful in all areas of your life, simply so that you can feed Me and My habit and in turn feed yours. 

Who knows how much you will spend? Who knows what exorbitant prices you will pay for My shoes, My life, all to get that wonderful dizzy feeling, all over again. 

What can I say, slave? Power-swap is power-swap. It’s as simple as that. 

I demand NOTHING. You will find yourself just wanting to, craving to and going ahead and doing it, simply because I am the type of woman you can’t have. perhaps you will get a nod of approval or perhaps not. Who knows?

you, were born to serve. 

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