BDSM is such a wide and varied topic, and there are oh, so many fetishes to explore. Do you feel uncomfortable with your fetishes? Are you unsure of your limits? Do you know when to say ‘Yes!’ and do you know when to say ‘No?’.

BDSM is a symbiotic relationship IF the people consent to that idea of a relationship. Some are just passing ships in the night.

Do you feel confused? Guilty, ashamed or overwhelmed by your desires?

It can be scary and may prevent you from fully experiences the joys of sex, no matter the context.

If so, Dr. Sue, a renowned Fetish Educator, and counsellor could help you to get back on track and fulfill your deepest desires, with any Dominant you choose.

Those suffering from serious personality disorders, mental disorders may not be considered good candidates for any type of hypnosis. Remember always use hypnosis safely and if in doubt contact your relevant health advisor.