Whether you are new to trance or not, a few things could hold you back from enjoying trance. One of those things is fear. The way to dispel fear is to understand what the session is about. Consider if it is something you are interested in or not. This is a major factor when purchasing an audio or session.

If you are not interested in the subject matter, or feel there are hidden agendas in the session during erotic hypnosis, it is unlikely that you will relax enough to go down deeply

  • You worry that you will not go into trance.

‘Ah this is one of those scenarios where the more you TRY the harder it is, so stop trying!’

Don’t worry! You will go into trance.

A good hypnotist knows that there are better styles of trance or use of words for the more analytical mind that helps people to go nice and deep.

However, we all can and do go into trance. We do it all day without even thinking about it. One of the most overused examples is for e.g. if you are driving in your car, once you reach your destination it is doubtful you even really remember the details of driving afterward. Or, if you have a hobby you love, you often lose a sense of time. Both of these instances are natural trance-like states.

  • You are dubious or need convincing

This applies to newbies. There are tons of ‘suggestibility tests’ online, try a few. In a few weeks, I will have these fun tests available soon.

  • Get comfortable

I mean really comfortable. Have you switched off your mobile? Is this a good time for you to let go and relax? Check that you are not too warm nor too cold. I suggest a light blanket over your legs, as you go deeper your body temperature can change. Also, make sure your head is supported. Sometimes in sessions, I will use ‘snap’ commands and you might fall quickly.

So, safety is important at all times.

  • Get to know the style you like

With erotic hypnosis, a lot of files contain music, binaural beats and also white, pink or brown noise. Find out first that which is used in a file if you dislike any of these methods. I try and swap it around a little so that there is more choice for more pets.

  • Also, do you like long inductions or shorter inductions?

Mind you I have found both work on most people and also hidden inductions too.

When booking a session or listening to an audio consider your goals for that session. There is no point in just hoping to achieve something, particularly if you don’t know what you are hoping to achieve!

Not all candidates are suitable for trance. Some suffer from psychosis, or other serious mental illnesses are on medication or other. It is advisable that these people ask their doctors if hypnosis, whether regular or erotic, is Okay for them. It is a myth that a clinical hypnotherapist helps and aids people with serious mental disorders. A true clinical hypnotherapist would seek confirmation from a psychiatrist that it would be OK to proceed.

  • Some Misconceptions

You can’t get stuck in trance. In fact, you don’t even need to be counted out of trance. For most though, this is simply a signal that the session is over. You will naturally come out of trance yourself. Also, if you need to attend to something during trance, you can and will snap out of it and get on with whatever emergency has occurred.

All trance is relaxing and fun IF you are aware of the topic and subject matter of the trance material beforehand.