My name is Goddess B. Lea

I am a mysterious Goddess, who holds not only the key to your cock, but also the ecstasy that lies deep within you, dormant waiting. Waiting for My commands, My images, My words. You are reading this, because simply, it resonates with you.

You want to allow yourself to be My toy, My plaything, My sex-toy and I do get VERY turned on by using you. My getting turned on turns you on too.

I am the female Dominant that holds the key to your future ecstasy, the ecstasy you crave with every fibre of your body.

You will read each page of this site, and understand each page, because simply you will want to please me and please me now

When you see my name from now on you will instantly know you are in the presence of a Dominant woman, which is why you are reading this. In order to please me fully. You will read every page of this site first, before proceeding. You will want to find out all you can about Me, because pleasing Me will make you into the good boy or girl you crave to be.


This is your space to let-go, submit, serve and become fully you.

Always remember, I love my slaves or pets to be completely horny, turned-on and slutty. I write My own rules and you will follow them to the letter.

I will also list My fetishes and interests, which are so huge I’ve had to whittle them down a little. This way, we don’t waste each others time.