Lay down on your bed, sink back, close your eyes and listen. You'll never be alone again as you enter into your fantasy world whatever that may be, in fact, get a custom file. Made especially for you. 

Hypnotic Goddess Leah,

Erotic Hypnotist 

Foot Goddess, HypnoDomme, Femme fatale

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Goddess  Leah is a certified qualified hypnotist and hypnotherapist. She also has a keen interest in various fetishes including using her feet to enthral and addict you, Findomme, and more. 

If you wish to get Her attention there is only ONE way and that is by tribute or gift. 

Goddess Leah enjoys many topics which she plays with under hypnosis, but also advises safe hypnosis always. 

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you are asking 'Where do I start'? Look to the Mesmerisee Series tab and start part one. 

Do you need to confess your sins Do you need to chat to the Doctor about your sleazy sexual fetishes? Then book Dr Leah's phone line now. 

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Welcome to Goddess Leah's Realm - Hypnotic Leah
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"I know My feet are so soft and so sensual"

Sometimes not being in control is the best feeling on the planet


Somehow, somewhere, it all starts to feel so yummy and delicious and when you start spoiling Me, your cock gets hard and harder and suddenly you need a good wank. Hmm I's such a good escape, isn't it pet. Won't stop, Can't stop.

All correspondence will be via NiteFlirt (which is free) unless you already have my email address. For those wishing to purchase my email address, it is £50.00 AGC Using your Twitter handle so I know who to add. 

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