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Goddess or Mistress Leah is a certified qualified hypnotist and hypnotherapist, with an additional  Masters  Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Her background is in the area of the social sciences featuring Majors in Psychology and Sociology.  She has also enjoyed fetish, role-play and BDSM for over 20 years. Mixing both her hypnosis education and BDSM experience she brings you audios and MP4s featuring your favourite fetishes. Some include control, discipline, orgasm control, foot worship, mind reprogramming and more. 

Goddess Leah LOVES teasing with her feet and if you enjoy foot worship show your support right now.


you are asking 'Where do I start'? Look to the Mesmerisee Series tab and start part one. 

Remember: Goddess Leah does not offer clinical setting based therapy, here she is merely a qualified hypnotherapist enjoying Her own fetish BDSM.

Welcome to Goddess Leah's Realm - Hypnotic Leah
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"I know My feet are so soft and so sensual"

Sometimes not being in control is the best feeling on the planet


Before contacting Goddess Leah ensure to use a heading to explain what your email is about. Hypnotic Leah is  Femdom HypnoDomme, an erotic fetishist and powerful Domina. Unfortunately, due to time wasters, and Goddesses time is precious, Contacts without tributes will not be answered. 

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