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Tantra Breath and Chastity or Withholding Orgasm for More Pleasure

To Control Orgasm, Expand Orgasm on release 


Expansive orgasm, breathing into your core or lingam (cock) energy

Lingam Energy, Lingam Breath - lay down or sit, whatever is comfortable


Take a deep breath in and as you do that -  breathe in, but breath down. Visualize yourself breathing down, further down into your groin area, as you breathe in, breath down into the groin and lower back area and allow the breath to travel along your sides, slowly, don’t rush. As the air reaches your throat area swallow. Make sure to swallow in an exaggerated way. Then sniff hard and long and feel the energy move up at the back of the neck and to the crown. Then exhale slowly through the nose.


Feel the pleasure spread all over your body, your arms, legs, and tummy.


Try it a few times, expanding the energy of lust and love into your entire body.

This will help you hold orgasm, it will also help expand orgasm when you are granted a release. 


multiple orgasm