©2019 by Hypnotic Goddess Leah. 

we all crave to go nice and deep down into trance

You might ask, 'Where do I start?'. The best way is to start at the beginning, meaning, getting used to My voice, getting used to how I do things. Keep it simple and start here.


ALL new  8 Steps to Mesmerisee Series  


The HypnoDown Phase One




is currently being launched.  Starting with Phase  One,  The HypnoDown will enable you to experience a new awakening simply by 'going to sleep!"


A deepening audio which teaches newer listeners to get used to Goddess Leah's voice and also starts seasoned followers on a whole new journey. If you are new this could be a great place to start. 


The HypnoDown contains an MP4 and MP3 to afford both visual and auditory selections as well as a  task in each of the Mesmerisee Series which you can complete and send to Goddess. This is an opportunity to get to know Goddess better too.