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New File Guide 

All files are CURRENTLY available on NiteFlirt 

Explore your fetishes with these shorter hypnotic files No inductions, just hypnotic and kinky . Recognise these files by the red tip

All white tipped files form part of a series that is a must have and also for new listeners. Includes deep programming and deep trance 

A short trance, a stupor, suspended for a moment in time, on any topic at any time. 

Coming Soon

So much intimacy is missing, or sexual anxiety for both males or females, impotence and other, this will be the sexual healing series. 

A special series for the women in My life. The Tantra Healing Series, Find yourself, find your body and breathe into a deeper sexual experience. Whether alone or with a partner. 

Goddess Leah is a qualified Tantra Sexual Healing Practitioner. She is also a certified hypnotherapist and Master practitioner. Her feilds of study include, anxiety, coping with loss and also counselling.  Her qualifications include a background in Social Sciences with Major in Psychology, social work and Sociology.