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How do I please You Goddess?

IGoddess adores Amazon Gift Cards - Send all AGC to HypnoticLeah@Aol.comsy.

Want to spoil Goddess, then do it now. She LOVES gifts and tributes of course. The bigger the better. Make sure you sweat before you send, that makes it all the more exciting. 

Amazon Gift Cards

Spoil Goddess by sending her an Amazon Gift Card. She's enjoyed very large amounts, once an amazing $10 000 in one evening but all amounts count because she saves them up for larger spending sprees later on. She knows you want to thank Her, spoil Her and make her feel SPECIAL. You can also set up a monthly contribution that will hurt your wallet that way you know you are sacrificing in order to make Her happy, which is what you love to do. 

Carefully selected by Goddess, items she'd love to receive as gifts

Goddess Loves gifts, the bigger the better

NiteFlirt Tributes

Add on 30% for NF fees and you are good to go.